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Head of laboratory

Andre Velescu

Building 10.50, room 703.1/3
Phone: +49 721 608-41622
andre velescuBwl4∂kit edu 


The soil lab provides broad spectrum of analytical options for research and teaching. Soil and sediment analysis as well as environmental chemistry are in the focus.

Directions to "Standort West".




Pressure plate extractors for the determination of correlations between moisture content and soil-moisture tension (pF value)

Flame atomic absorption spectrometer (F-AAS) to determine heavy metal contents in soil extracts

Applications to analyze soil physical properties:
  • Sieving machines to analyse finely granulated sediments
  • Köhn pipette devices
  • Pressure plate extractors and sandbox for the determination of correlations between moisture content and soil-moisture tension (pF value)
  • ICW permeameter to identify the coefficient of hydraulic conductivity to determine the saturated water permeability of soils

Applications for chemical analysis:

  • Atomic absorption spectrometer, containing:
    • Graphite tube atomizer
    • Flow-injection system
    • Amalgam unit
    • Autosampler
  • Carbon-Nitrogen-Sulphur-Analyzer
  • Block disgestion unit and steam distillation to measure N-contents (Kjeldahl)
  • Vis- and UV/Vis spectrophotometer
  • Calcimeter (Scheibler unit) to determine soil carbonates
  • Microwave digestion system
  • Aqua regia digestion system for simultaneous digestion of 20 samples

Applications for miscellaneous analysis:

  • Thin section preparation system, containing:
    • Vacuum resin infusion system
    • Circular diamond saw
    • Lapping machine
  • Thickness gauge for thin section samples

General laboratory equipment:

  • Drying cabinets
  • Analytical and semi-micro balances
  • Titrators
  • Muffle furnace
  • Binocular microscope
  • Ball mill with agate and tungsten oxide grinding beaker

Field work equipment:

  • pH meter, partly allowing data logging
  • Conductivity meter
  • Oximeter
  • Reflectometer
  • Cuvette photometer
  • Balances



Lapping machine to prepare thin sections

Carbon-Nitrogen-Sulphur-Analyzer to determine contents in soil and plant samples