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J Ethan Householder

Dr. John Ethan Householder

  • Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)

    Institut für Geographie und Geoökologie
    Abteilung Aueninstitut
    D-76437 Rastatt

J. Ethan Householder


  • plant ecology
  • community ecology
  • biogeography


2016- Research assistant. Institute of Geography and Geoecology at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

Research Associate. Botanical Research Institute of Texas (USA, TX).

Contributor of botanical collections, images, metadata and geospatial information for the herbarium.


Scientific Coordinator. Biogeography, community ecology and classification of Mauritia dominated wetlands in the Amazon (Brazil).

Managed and led field investigations regarding vegetation ecology and conservation of palm swamps in Brazilian Amazon.


Ph.D. Ecology. National Institute of Amazonian Research (INPA) (Manaus, Brazil).


Scientific Editor, Freelance (Brazil).

Reviewed scientific manuscripts and proposals in the field of botany, ecology, environmental science and veterinary science. Tasks included translation, statistical design, analysis, writing and editing.


Scientific Coordinator. Pontifica Universidad Catolica del Peru (Peru).

Led research regarding the natural history, ecology, use and conservation of orchids in the Peruvian Amazon.


Research Assistant. Botanical Research Institute of Texas, Andes to Amazon Botany Program (USA, TX).

Assisted in research activities including botanical collection and horticultural research.


Laboratory Professor. Department of Environmental Sciences, Texas Christian University (Fort Worth, TX).

Taught environmental sciencs laboratory to undergraduate students.


Curriculum Developer. Department of Environmental Sciences, Texas Christian University (Fort Worth, TX).

Designed, taught and tested new laboratory manual for undergraduate Environmental Sciences Lab.


M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences. Texas Christian University (Fort Worth, TX).


Laboratory Professor. Department of Biology, Texas Christian University (Fort Worth, TX).

Taught undergraduate students specializing in Medical and Biological sciences. 


Eco-tour Guide Developer. Vila Corcovado Resort (Costa Rica).

Developed and guided innovative ecological tours.


Elementary School Teacher. Alice E Carlson Elementary School (USA, TX).

Developed and taught outdoors ecology and natural history curriculum for elementary students.


Research Assistant. Columbia University (USA, Washington).

Assisted in field investigations of primary and secondary succession on Mt St. Helens.


Columbia University, Biosphere II (Oracle, AZ).

Earth and Environmental Sciences Field Semester.


Academic Tutor. Athletics Department, Texas Christian University (Fort Worth, TX).

Tutored sciene courses for university athletes.


Council on International Educational Exchange (Monteverde, Costa Rica).

Tropical Ecology and Conservation


B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences (Summa Cum Laude). Texas Christian University (Fort Worth, TX).


Contributions in peer-reviewed journals
2020Ochs, K., Egger, G., Weber, A., Ferreira, T., Householder, J. E., Schneider, M. (2020): The potential natural vegetation of large river floodplains – From dynamic to static equilibrium. Journal of Hydro-environment Research. Unter den Bedingungen von Open Access verfügbar 10.1016/j.jher.2020.01.005 PDF

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Lewerentz, A. F., Egger, G., Householder, J. E., Reid, B., Braun, A. C., Garófano-Gómez, V. (2019): Functional assessment of invasive Salix fragilis L. in north-western Patagonian flood plains: A comparative approach. Acta Oecologica 95, pp. 36–44. 10.1016/j.actao.2019.01.002 PDF

2017Gumbricht, T., Roman-Cuesta, R. M., Verchot, L., Herold, M., Wittmann, F., Householder, J. E., Herold, N., Murdiyarso, D. (2017): An expert system model for mapping tropical wetlands and peatlands reveals South America as the largest contributor. Global Change Biology Early View. 10.1111/gcb.13689

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2015Householder, J. E., Wittmann, F., Tobler, M. W., Janovec, J. P. (2015): Montane bias in lowland Amazonian peatlands and a palynological perspective of a modern wetland plant assembly. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 423, pp. 138–148.

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Van Dam, A. R., Householder, J. E., Lubinsky, P. (2010): Vanilla bicolor Lindl. (Orchidaceae) from the Peruvian Amazon: auto-fertilization in Vanilla and notes on floral phenology. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 57, pp. 473–480.

2007Titus, J. H., Householder, J. E. (2007): Salvage logging and replanting reduce understory cover and richness compared to unsalvaged-unplanted sites at Mount St. Helens, Washington. Western North American Naturalist 67(2), pp. 219–233.

Book chapters
2017Wittmann, F., Householder, J. E. (2017): Why rivers make the difference: a review on the phytogeography of forested floodplains in the Amazon basin. chapter 6, pp. 125–144. In: Myster, R. W. (ed.): Forest structure, functions and dynamics in Western Amazonia.

Householder, J. E., Janovec, J. P., Tobler, M. W., Wittmann, F. (2017): A diversity of biogeographies in an extreme Amazonian wetland habitat. chapter 7, pp. 145–155. In: Myster, R. W. (ed.): Forest structure, functions and dynamics in Western Amazonia.

2016Householder, J. E., Wittmann, F. (2016): Floristic diversity of Mauritia flexuosa wetlands in the Brazilian Amazon. pp. 241–251. In: Lasso, C. A., Colonello, G., Moraes, M. R. (ed.): Morichales, Cananguchales y otros plamares inundables de Suramerica, Parte II: Colombia, Venezuela, Brasil, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay y Argentina.