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Frequently asked questions regarding organisation of degree courses in Geoecology


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Bachelor & Master Thesis › Who can be my mentor ?

Thesis (B.Sc and M.Sc Geoecology) will be evaluated by two individuals. One of them will be your supervisor. The choice will be yours but it will be subjected to a review after the application. The criteria mentioned under the point "Examiner" will be applicable hereby. Moreover, a University lecturer must be involved. (At KIT, Professors, Junior professors and senior scientists) Finally, a full time lecturer at IFGG should also be involved. The later is a "Should-rule", since there are exceptions to the afforementioned rule.Preferably, one should discuss the choice of examiner in advance with the student counselling service of IfGG. Disclaimer

Bachelor & Master Thesis › How do I apply ?

At the students office, you can find the "Green slip" which is a requirement for the confirmation of application. An application form is additionally present in the, Downloads section which you must fill in coordination with your mentors. Please submit the "Green Slip" and completed & signed application form to the Secretary.



The Internship should last a minimum period of six weeks. A full time employment is required during these six weeks . The procedure is as follows: (1) You will search for an Internship beyond the University (for instance in the private sector, in administrative bodies or in Research institutions, which do not belong to a University - the underlying philosophy is to provide a greater exposure). (2) You must find a supervisor at the site of internship (3.) You will coordinate the contents of the Internship with your supervisor as well as Internship-commissaries of IfGG (derz. F. Hogewind). The contents must convey an impression of practical proffesional activities in Geoecology. (4.) You will specify the contents in a Training-agrremement in written form. A Form under the section "Downloads" can be found for this purpose. (5.) After the completion of Internship you will prepare a short Internship report, which should be compiled from specific and time dependent extent of activities undertaken. This report must be counter-signed by appropriate authority at the site of Internship. (7.) The report will be handed over to the Internship commissaries of IfGG (8.) A short presentation regarding the experiences during professional internship will have to be delivered. Dafür gibt es zwei oder drei Termine in jedem Semester, über die der Prakitkums-Beauftragte Auskunft erteilt. Disclaimer


s. Abschlussarbeit › Wer kann mich betreuen


Examiner › Who can grade me or otherwise evaluate my performance?

Diese "Prüfungserlaubnis" wird vom Prüfungsausschuss übertragen. Dabei kommen v.a. Lehrende des Studiengangs in Frage, wenn sie eine für die jeweilige Prüfung einschlägige fachwissenschaftliche Qualifikation erworben haben (und zwar beim Bachelor mindestens auf B.Sc.-Niveau, beim Master mindesten auf M.Sc.- oder Diplom-Niveau). Für andere "Prüfer" muss eine Ausnahme beantragt werden. Disclaimer


Die hier getroffenen Aussagen sind nicht rechtsverbindlich. Rechtsverbindlich sind allein die Studien- und Prüfungsordnungen.