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Cooperation in Climate research: Campus Alpin and IfGG

The Institut for Meteorology and Climate research - Atmospheric Environmental research (IMK - IFU) at Campus Alpin of KIT in Garmisch-Partenkirchen is linked with IfGG through shared Professors.


Photo: Campus Alpin of KIT

The emphasis in this collaboration is on terrestrial, biogeochemical cycles: Which biological, chemical and physical processes operate in the land surface-atmosphere system and how are they transformed by mankind? The Focus lies on multidirectional interdependencies, impacts and feedbacks, particularly regarding atmospheric composition and climate. Such interactions exist on various temporal (day --> millennia) and spatial (site --> global) scales.

IMK-IFU is also engaged in research on the human dimensions of environmental change, including the analysis of socio-ecological systems, land use and land cover change and the impacts of climate change on natural resources. Research methods combine qualitative, social elicitation methods with social simulation models to undertake experiments on human-environment interactions. These modelling approaches range from the local to the global scale, and include past land use reconstrations, as well as future land use change projections for environmental change scenarios. The futures analysis focuses on the effects of climate change on socio-ecological systems in combination with socio-economic change drivers.

To address such interactions we use experimental studies under controlled conditions (e.g., the impact of multiple stress on plants' carbon, water and nitrogen metabolism), as well as regional and global models. A chief objective is to identify how under social and environmental changes, land-based resources can be sustainably utilized when either mitigating these change and/or adopting to them.


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Cooperation in Environmental Mineralogy

"Environmental Mineralogy and Environment System analysis"- á joint working Group with the Institute for Mineralogy and Geochemistry (IMG) of KIT investigates material flows in Environmental systems


Photo: S. Norra

This research group investigates primarily, material flows with a focus on health relevant processes based on an understanding of mineralogical and geochemical processes. The research encompass themes from Soil mineralogy, Aerosol research, Hydrochemistry, Urban Geochemistry, Urban ecology and Micro climatology.

Our research is based on field- and laboratory methods. This requires the use of, among others, air hygiene gaging stations and sensor platforms for the water chemistry, besides the Laboratories of IfGG and IMG as well as industrial plants like the Synchrotron radiation facility ANKA. The findings are evaluated on a process-orientied basis. Models help in the describing and simulating complex interdependencies. The results are applied for the development of measures for safeguarding an environment worth living in.


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