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Ecosystem floodplain

  • Fundamentals of floodplain ecology / functionality of floodplain ecosystems
  • The hydrological regime, the basis of floodplain dynamics
  • Arrangements of interactions in floodplains
  • Functions of floodplains
  • Bio-indicators as a quality indicator of intact ecosystems

River engineering and ecology

  • Ecologically oriented flood control
  • The Upper Rhine expansion and its consequences
  • Environmental impact study
  • State monitoring and ecological assessment of floodplains
  • Planning, implementation and performance review of restoration projects on rivers and their floodplains


  • Floodplains and their symbiotic communities
  • Succession research / studies of development processes in river floodplains
  • Biodiversity in wetlands
  • Bio-indicators
  • NATURA 2000

Big European rivers

  • Danube Research: Danube floodplains / Danube Delta: detection of conditions, assessment, restoration
  • Case studies / project examples of the Rhine, Loire / Allier, Elbe, Oder, Rio Magdalena etc.
  • Management of catchment areas


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