The institute has a laboratory for biogeochemical analyses and isotope measurements, a broad rage of field instruments for vegetation assessments and soil mapping, remote sensing sensors and UAVs, instruments for the recording of biogeochemical element fluxes and monitoring of climate parameters, devices for quantification of emissions as well as equipment for topographical surveying.

Laboratory for Soil Biogeochemistry | Other equipment

Field equipment for soil survey required for field courses and student theses can be borrowed by arrangement with Tobias Fabian (Geomorphology and Soil Science Group).

For other devices please contact Reiner Gebhardt.

Remote sensing

  • OXI VNIR-40d Gamaya Hyperspectral Imaging Sensor
    Spatial resolution: 2MP (2048x1088 px) x2
    Spectral range: 450 – 950 nm
    Spectral resolution: 40 channels
  • AISA Airborne Hyperspectral Imaging System
    Spectral range: 400 - 970 nm
    Spatial resolution: 512 or 1024 px
    Spectral resolution: 488 channels
  • ASD FieldSpec 3 (350-2500 nm)
  • Leaf probe and leaf clip (ASD)
  • Octocopter (Okto-XXL, Hisystems)
  • Quadrocopter (2x, DJI Phantom 4 Pro+)


  • LAI ceptometer (AccuPAR LP-80, incl. ext. reference sensor)
  • 29 Leica EZ4 Stereo Microscopes
  • Leica EZ4 W Stereo Microscope
  • CCM-300 Chlorophyll Content Meter
  • SPAD (Measuring Instrument for Chlorophyll)
  • Grasstech Platemeter (biomass)
  • Detection frame
  • Magnifiers
  • 10 x Calipers for trees with a maximum diameter of 40 cm
  • 10 x Diameter tape for trees with a maximum diameter of 3 m
  • 10 x Haglöf - Chip to conduct angle-count samplings (forest inventory)


  • Albedometersensor (thermophile)
  • Si-Pyranometer sensor (diode)
  • Netto-Pyrgeometer sensor (thermophile)
  • Si-Photometer sensor (diode)
Temperature and Humidity
  • Combi-Disposer (PT100, hair hygrometer/ capacitive)
  • Psychro-Disposer (PT100, ventilated)
  • Temperature sensor (NTC)
  • Humidity sensor (capacitive)
  • Thermo-Hygrograph? (Bi-metal, hair hygrometer)
  • T-Logger, 3 measuring points (PT100)
  • T-Mini-Logger, 1 measuring point (NTC)
  • TDR sensor (TRIME)
  • Combi-Wind-Disposer (cup anemometer, vane)
  • Therm. anemometer (ball/hot wire)
  • US-anemometer (3D, turbulence)
  • Cup anemometer
Precipitation, Evaporation
  • Ombrometer-Disposer (dump scale, -spoon)
  • Ombrometer (tank)
  • Fog collector (wire, attachment)
  • Dew collector (clay slide according to Leick)
  • Evaporimeter (according to Piché)
Air pressure
  • Barometer


Traffic and Sound
  • Optical Counter (IR-light detector, -barriers)
  • Sound level logger
  • Aspect device (grass culture, tobaco,…)
  • Lichen counting grid
  • LVS (filter head: TSP, PM10/2.5)
  • SIGMA-collector
  • Deposition (total, wet, dry)
  • Gas Detector (Dräger-indicator tube)
  • Messfahrzeug


  • GPS (including RTK GPS: PRO-Mark Field 120)
  • GIS-PDA including GPS
  • Theodilite
  • MagnaTrak Magnet Detection Tool
  • Laserscanner (QUARRYMAN)
  • 3 x Vertex Hypsometer (Height and distance measurements) (Vertex IV und Transponder T3)


  • inReach Satellite Communication Device