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Head of research group
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Schmidtlein

Professor of Physical Geography and Geoecology
Building 10.50, Room 810
Tel. +49 721 608-47846
schmidtleinXgo9∂kit edu

Secretary: Rita Seith
Tel. +49 721 608-44367
Fax +49 721 608-43738
rita seithGop8∂kit edu


European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories

Research Group Vegetation Science and Biogeography

Our objectives concern evaluating the effects of environmental changes on biocoenoses and their significance to ecosystem and biodiversity. The focal points of our research are remote sensing and modelling of vegetation.

Kyrgyzstan Foto: S. Schmidtlein


We seek to survey and model biocoenoses in order to understand their functions and diversity in time and space.

Important means in this endeavor are remote sensing and numerical simulation. The pair contributes towards gaining an understanding of ecosystems and their dynamics. Climatic and land-use changes induce significant distortions in these systems. We are interested in rendering such processes more comprehensible. 

This leads to applied questions related to sustainable land-use management, environmental monitoring or assessment of energy potentials in vegetation covers.

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