Environmental Science

Specialisation opportunities in the field of environmental monitoring and access to cutting-edge technologies characterise the study of Geoecology (Environmental Science) in Karlsruhe. A wide variety of professional fields is open to geoecologists. Graduates of our courses can be found in public authorities and politics, industry and commerce, engineering and planning offices, NGOs and associations, science and research. More about Geoecology (in German).

50 students per year, starting in winter. The course of study conveys a broad scientific understanding of environmental problems, networked thinking and methodological competence. Building on mathematical and scientific foundations, environmentally relevant subjects are combined, e.g. ecology, climatology, hydrology, soil science, environmental chemistry, zoology, botany, biogeography, vegetation science and nature conservation. In addition, we teach general skills such as scientific writing, statistics, environmental analysis, programming, geoinformatics. Students can benefit from a wide range of technical or planning-oriented choices. A 6-week professional internship is also part of the course.

25 students per year, starting in winter and summer. The master's programme Geoecology in Karlsruhe is research-oriented. It is based on a Bachelor's degree in geoecology or related subjects. It offers specialisation in (1.) soil biogeochemistry and isotope methods, (2.) vegetation ecology and environmental remote sensing, (3.) ecosystem management and floodplain ecology, whereby two of these three directions are chosen. Further options include climate impact research, geobotany, river development, hydrology and hydrogeology, water chemistry and technology, GIS, remote sensing, urban ecology, human ecology, and much more from the broad range of KIT courses.

Student Guidance
Dr. Florian Hogewind
Wednesdays, 9:30-11:00 and by appointment.
During the semester break office hours by appointment only.

Tel. +49 (0)721 - 608-47849
Building 10.50, Room 703.2

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Einsicht in die Nachklausur "Geomorphologie und Bodenkunde"

Die Nachklausur zum Modul "Geomorphologie und Bodenkunde" vom 25.10.2022 kann am Donnerstag, 15.12.2022 von 14:30-15:30 im Raum 703.1/1, Geb. 10.50, 7. OG (Büro Prof. Wilcke) eingesehen werden.

Vorlesung "Geomorphologie und Bodenkunde"

Die Vorlesung "Einführung in die Geomorphologie und Bodenkunde" beginnt am Di, 08.11.2022 von 14:00-15:30 Uhr im Chemie-Hörsaal II (Geb. 30.41).

Aktuelle Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten in der Bodenkunde

Aktuelle, spannende Themen für Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten in der Bodenkunde finden Sie hier.