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Head of Research Group

Prof. Dr. Caroline Kramer

Professor of Human Geography and Geoecology
Building 10.50, Room 801/02
Tel. +49 721 608-43728
caroline kramerGsc0∂kit edu

Secretariat: Valerie Clauss
Tel. +49 721 608-43483
Fax +49 721 608-46927
valerie claussUxu6∂kit edu

Research in Human Geography

Human Geography focusses on places and spaces with a particular interest in social and economic activities of people.


Our research engages with the where and the why particular aspects in society occur and in what way their outcomes are relevant for people and the environment. We focus on processes that cause demographical, technical and cultural changes in places and regions. Using a wide array of empirical social research methods we differentiate geographical aspects of education, habitation, transportation and infrastructure.
Our research results contribute to sustainable geographical planning as well as to help solving spatial conflicts.


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