German cities in demographical transition. Residences & concepts of life of future senior citizens.

The German society and specially its cities remain in a major phase of demographic changes which are summarized in geographical discussions, most notably under the keywords: Negative growth and Aging. Little is known hitherto regarding the lifestyle and living standards of future older generations. It is nonetheless assumed that they will markedly differ from the present older generation, since through educational expansion, emancipation & participation, other standards & potentialities are available to them. In a pilot study in the urban region of Munich, new migration models as well as lifestyles of elderly people can be heretofore identified. Forthwith, the valid study design should be applied in other German cities which differ from Munich structurally. (For instance in terms of economic, demographic and social factors.) The examined cities are Berlin, Leipzig, Bochum, Mannheim, Karlsruhe, Aachen, Kaiserslautern and Schwerin.) The concept of life of the future older generation (people presently in their 50s) for their retirement (potential migration, residential arrangements), the lifestyles and notions of age are examined against the background of diverse spatial and social contexts with qualitative interviews and standardized survey. The aim is to facilitate the formulations of general assertions over the effects of demographic changes and new concepts of life for the elderly of German metropolitan regions.

Public relations activities & Publications

DFG Project "German cities in demographical transition" at MS-Wissenschaft

Results of the DFG project “German cities in demographic transition” were on display at MS Wissenschaft  The exhibition ship of the Federal ministry for Education & research dropped anchor in Karlsruhe, from 28.6.2013 to 1.7.2013 with the theme “The demographic chance”. Further detailed information can be found here . Link to Statement of Prof. Caroline Kramer  (in German).

DFG's Demographic changes project at the annual conference 2013 of the Helmholtz Association: in Science Talk (Photos  and Video documentation (from 59:20) , in German).

Being old & staying young – Housing needs and Lifestyles of Generation 50+ , Presentation from Prof. Dr. Caroline Kramer in the SWR Fernsehsendung Tele-Akademie on 17 October 2010, Repetition on 25 March 2012. (in German)

WG or Retirement home?, Radio interview with Prof. Dr. Caroline Kramer, SWR2 Impuls on 16 May 2011.

Über 50-Jährige schmieden nur selten Umzugspläne, Badische Neueste Nachrichten on 10 May 2011.